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General Rules and Guidelines
« on: February 08, 2010, 03:26:14 PM »
General Rules and Guidelines:

This site was designed to promote glamour and glamour nude models. With that in mind the following rules apply:

  • Absolutely No File Sharing
    Either through this site or by links to other sites. This includes but is not limited to links in boards or through the personal messaging system. This forum was setup to promote models, not provide free image sharing. Violators will be removed without notice. This forum and Studio Southeast will cooperate any way possible to prosecute violators of unauthorized file sharing. If in doubt if something can be posted, ask first.  

  • 18+ Only
    This board is for the promotion of models 18 years old and older. Please do not post pictures of or discuss models under 18

  • No Pornography
    We certainly have nothing against pornography, but have decided not to promote such content on this site. If pornography is what you seek, please seek it elsewhere. There are plenty of boards on the web that promote such content.

  • Be Civil
    Feel free to discuss what you want in a civil manner. Small penises hiding behind a keyboard are not welcome. We do understand sometimes things may get out of hand. Be the bigger person and walk away when things get heated. We welcome argument discussed civilly.
    Violators will have posting privileges removed either for an allotted amount of time or permanently.  

  • Model Respect
    Please be respectful to all models. Calling them nasty names or general rudeness toward them will no doubt get you banned from this site. This includes in the forum area or PM’s sent to a model. Use your best judgment and if in doubt ask.

  • Have Fun
    This forum was created for you, the user. Feel free to post and make suggestions.
Work in progress. More to come.


  • How do I post attachments?
    Attachments are turned off for Model Fan members. If you fall into this group you can’t. Only Super Model Fans and above can post attachments.
    To post an attachment you must start a new thread or click reply to an already started thread. You will then see an “Additional Options” flag when clicked will allow you to upload attachments. Please note that gif,jpg,png are the only attachments this board allows.

  • Why are attachments turned off for the Model Fan group?
    This is to prevent a new member from posting complete sets of models or posting other things that are not allowed on this board.

  • How do I get to Super Model Fan status?
    The best way is by posting in the forums. This shows us that you have read the rules of this site. After 25 post you will automatically be upgraded to the Super Model Fan group and attachments will be enabled.

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